Established from 2011 to now, VMV Asia Co,Ltd is a pioneer company of import wine from the famous French wine-producing region and we also produce and bottling of high quality wine in Vietnam from imported materials. In the future, we will have the wines from the imported grapes grown in Vineyard Ta Nung – Dalat of Vietnam.

After the relentless efforts and dynamics of the whole company, we have developed strongly in production and distribution of wines; our products now are available in many restaurant, hotel, and supermarket of Saigon, Nha Trang, Da Nang… and other countries in the region.

In addition of the various products have been exported to Thailand, we also have specific plans to develop the export markets to many countries of ASEAN like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and expand the Thai market.
Our long-term object is to grow the Vietnamese potential wine market; we are specialized in providing international standard wines and orient the Vietnamese consumers to enjoy this delicate and long history drink.

And besides it, with the guideline that customer’s satisfaction is our company’s pride, we keep researching and developing new products with a good quality and competitive price to make sure that our customers can enjoy fully every single glass of the most attractive wine.