The authentic original French grape-vines have blossomed in Da Lat. In 2009 it is expected that this Grape-growing region will bring the first grape-harvest and the first lot of French Wine will be produced in Da Lat.

Planting the French grape-vines in Da lat:

In Viet Nam, Da Lat Wine is liked the most, however, people cannot plant the grape-vines in this region, but they use the normal grapes for fruit-purpose from Phan Rang, Phan Thiet ( the coastal provinces) to produce Wine, while the famous brand names of Wine in the world produced from the special grapes for wine production-purpose not the normal ones like Da lat.

Because of that reason, Da Lat Wine still has no foothold in the world market with high quality Wine like French wine and Italian wine…

The project of importing grapes for the wine production was mentioned but it is not feasible because the broken amount due to transportation is big and the cost is so high; the import of the wine extracts for production seem not to be assured in the quality because the quality is reduced during the process.

So “the best method is to plant the exotic grape-vines and the production will be implemented in Da Lat” Said Daniel Carsol, the Director of S.C.E.A De La Cote Company, Republic of France. He has experienced this after many years of reseaching the conditions of climate and the soil of  Viet Nam. He said that he has analysed the samples of soil in many regions like Phan Rang, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang,… but only the soil in Da Lat can meet the demand of  planting the special French grape-vine for the production.With the ideal elevation and the big difference in temperature between day and night, so it makes the wine the special colour and flavour.

 In 2007, Mr. Daniel Carsol and Mr. Tran Phu Loc, director of Da Lat Beverage Joint- Stock Company (Da Lat Beco) found an ideal region in Ta Nung Commune and they co-operate to set up the Dalat grape-vines Joint-Venture Company in order to turn the audacious idea of Daniel become the reality.

Daniel is guiding the technique for planting grape
Daniel is guiding the technique for planting grape

“We bravely co-operate with Daniel because he is very confidential, and he has the financial potential ( 60% of investment capital); he grew up in a family with the grape-growing for 4 generations, he himself is an agriculture engineer with many years of experiences, he owns 100 ha of grape-vines farm in the famous region of Côtes du Rhône, Vauscluse Province where the output of the grape-vines is the biggest in France”. Said Mr. Loc while taking us to see his farm.

“But the three-kilometer road to the farm is very bad in comparision with the 25-kilometer road from Dalat to Ta Nung,however, the director of the Joint-Venture Company, Daniel, drives a jeep by himself to work on the farm everyday”.Said Mr.Loc.

By the year 2009, the French grapes in Da Lat will be available for the production.

In the front of ten hectas of the lush grape-vines farm, with some initiative fruits in some branches, Mr. Loc said” With over 50.000 baby plants from Côtes du Rhône stored in the cold container in the winter-sleeping condition and then transported by ship for 20 days before arriving to Viet nam.At the first look I got worried and did not think the plants will grow well, but after many months, they grow very strongly and now they get verdant very much”.

“ The amount of the dead plants is only 5% while in France this amount gets to 10%; the growing time of the grape-vines in Da Lat is twofold time.Moreover, when planting the grape-vines in Da Lat, we get two crops of the grape-vines per year while in France we get only one crop per year because of the winter the leaves falling down and the grape-vines sleep”. Said Daniel in a pleasant voice.

He tell us that six categories of grape-vines including: Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Caladoc, Grenache and Cinsaut also get used to with the new soil. Cabernet and Merlot making the basic structure of Wine, Caladoc creates the colour and the acrid, Syrah creates the strong flavour…During the  production process, all the grape-vines will be blended together, but the best fomular to produce the characteristic wine is the secrets of the specialists.

Beside setting up the grape-vines farm,  Da Lat grape-vines Joint-Venture Company also build a factory producing Wine with the capacity of 1 millions of litters of wine per year and the capacity is expected to be increased to 3 millions of litters of wine per year. The factory has been inaugurated in 2007 at Ward 11, Da Lat with the witness of the leaders of Lam Dong Province and the mayor of Avignon City, Vaucluse province.

It is expected that in 2009, the first grapes crop will be harvested and the first lot of French Wine will be produced in Da Lat.

“ In this crop, we hope to get the normal quality products (level I)from the grape-vines, after that the products will gradually be improved to get the higher quality. To get the international brand name, it takes around 10 to 50 years for a product, so we need to make lot of efforts”.Said Daniel sincerely.

In Mr. Loc’s opinions, in the short term, the company will focus on exploiting the domestic market and there is nothing to worry about because our country import around 30 millions of litters of wine yearly while the costs invested for one hecta of grape-vines in Da Lat is 1/3 in comparision with France. The costs of wine produced in Da Lat will be lower in comparision with wine imported from abroad, so it  gets more competition.

Daniel is also very optimistic and said” After reseaching more on market while improve the technical planting and grapes are well-processed, the company will expand the areas of grape-vines farm to 10fold times (100ha) to produce around 3 millions of litters of wine per year.

Source:  (Tiền Phong newspaper)